Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Local Roast

Starting in winter Rio Gozo Farm Ventura CSA will introduce a value add option to the weekly Haul.

Fresh weekly roasted, organic and better than fair trade coffee.

We're excited to offer locally roasted beans and build our food community to include Beacon Coffee Roasters, John and Jen Wheir, the down to earth folks who supply Palermo with their daily grind. Qualified as all get out; their coffee speaks for itself; but here is a quick bio on them:

Beacon Coffee Co.

"We are coffee people."

Jennifer’s love of coffee began with pre-dawn coffee runs on the way to the ice rink, then took a left turn when she met John in 2002. Now she manages Palermo's in Ventura. John’s coffee career began at sixteen, pursuing coffee from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the mountains of Tarrazu, Costa Rica.

Jennifer and John adopted the Ojai Valley as their home almost six years ago.

They hail from Woods Hole, Massachusetts, hence their company's name, a homage to Boston’s Beacon Hill.

Their early years together were spent working at a café responsible for more happy marriages than most matchmakers can boast.

It is no wonder that they've found joy, love, and success in coffee.

It is their passion and they are excited to share it with you.

The Philosophy: Transparency

From origin to cup, the aim is to be transparent about sourcing. What does that mean? Transparency in the sourcing of coffee is a hot button issue. A responsible roaster knows where the coffee comes from and makes every effort to purchase coffee directly from the grower or mill. When unable to source a coffee directly from the grower or the mill owner, we buy coffee beans carrying Fair Trade Coffee certification.

In addition, the goal is to highlight the very best that a particular origin can offer. We rarely roast the coffee past the ‘full city’ stage in an effort to allow the origin’s truest colors to shine. We invite you to join us for a cupping and tour Beacon's roasting plant.

What’s coming up?

Honduras is a new and exciting origin for Beacon. We are proud to offer Honduras Flor De Pino Estate. A single estate certified organic; the Flor De Pino is phenomenal. It has wonderful sweetness with a very mild yet persistent earthy undertone. The coffee shines with notes of milk chocolate and candied malt.

And Coming Soon!

Keep an eye out for Ethiopia Sidamo, certified organic, and Nicaragua Aldea Co-op, fair trade and organic certified.

Rio Gozo Farm Ventura CSA will be offering a weekly add-on $10 for (3/4 lb) of organic coffee.
This is a great opportunity for connoisseurs who appreciate a weekly supply of beans guaranteed to be freshly roasted within the week. We'll rotate the type of Organic roast each month, include tasting notes, and foster the opportunity to develop your palette for coffees from different regions. Explore life beyond the french roast.

To taste the brew call John or Jen and arrange a visit to the roasting facility.
5777 Olivas Park Drive, Suite R, Ventura CA
805.248.7054 or 800.805.9384 Your first cup of Joe is on us, Rio Gozo Farm.

Know your roasters, love your CSA
Elizabeth and John

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There is plenty of gozo at Rio Gozo Farm. That is JOY in Spanish and joy is one of the most dependable products we have. Gozo is commonly found in gardens and farms. Once you get a little gozo up and going it is very tolerant of most pests, withstands dry periods, and grows with a modicum of fertilizer. After gozo becomes a staple of one's diet, it goes with about anything. Actually folks crave it so much it is a wonder everyone does not have a patch of it growing close at hand. Grab up some gozo and get with the flow.